No more sore feet in California

“In 2007 when my feet first started bothering me, the balls of my feet were hurting. The pain went from the balls of my feet and the tops and bottoms felt like I had rocks in my shoes. There was burning in my feet and calves along with redness and swelling. Doctors diagnosed neuropathy a couple of years later. I researched neuropathy and found it was a chronic disease with no cure. I was given pain medication that I used for a few years. I was recommended to see a reflexologist. That’s when I found Lynn Kwitt through the Internet. I started seeing Lynn in April of 2014 and now 9 months later she has been a godsend. I no longer take my pain pills and she has helped me to walk normally instead of on the balls of my feet. I am so grateful to Lynn for teaching me how to walk normally without pain. She has helped with the blood flow through the manipulation of my feet. I highly recommend Lynn to anyone with neuropathy and pain. I can’t say enough about how much she has helped me.”

~ Claire R.

I had no idea that our feet were such open avenues to our inner soul. Lynn told me things that were so deeply rooted in my soul…And what a treat it was to have a foot massage while relaxing to soothing essential oils. What a pleasure! I highly recommend Lynn to anyone and everyone who needs to de-stress…
~ Anne S.

“I felt myself grow and expand.”
~ Jacky S.

Lynn has brought me much needed relief. I encourage anyone in need of Reflexology to take advantage of her services.
~ Jack W.

“I very much appreciated Lynn’s knowledge and wisdom regarding the emotional aspect to my health issue. Her foot readings are a valuable addition to the many complementary therapies available.
~ Nicola W.