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Image courtesy of Reflexology Association of CanadaAre you focused on the negative instead of the positive?
Are you always putting yourself down or saying you can’t do something?
Are you feeling uncertain about what your direction is?
Are you feeling anxious, unmotivated and angry because you can’t find your path?
Or, do you have an idea of what you want to do but need a step by step guide to take you there?
Do you feel depressed and apathetic, but know there’s more for you?
Are you feeling unfulfilled because you are working so hard to survive that you don’t have time to see what you really want to do with your life?


Image courtesy Reflexology Association of Canada 

Lynn Kwitt validates people in transition to help them see their brilliance, their value and their life path.  She intuitively sees your purpose and can mirror that back, to help you see it too. Through working with Lynn as your young guide, you will be able to:

  • Feel heard and listened to
  • Feel safe to share your thoughts and feelings
  • Feel nurtured, validated and supported
  • Feel cleansed, renewed, focused, and centered
  • See the pathway for how to get to your true self

As your trusted spiritual advisor, Lynn is the key to making it happen!  Through holding a clear vision she reflects back to you the purpose that you were meant to achieve. Through her spiritual guidance and intuitive communication Lynn helps you magnify your purpose with clarity and direction so you can get from where you are to where you want to be. Leave feeling confident, empowered and at peace as you feel comfortable stepping into the true you. Feel strong, confident and motivated to achieve your goals.  Let your light shine through!

Lynn’ Sole Reading experiences offered are:

In Person One on One Sole Readings

A personal Sole Reading involves Lynn intuitively looking at the mind-body reflection
through the feet.  Using two Young Living Essential Oils, Lynn interprets the spiritual/emotional meaning and use them to release trauma through the feet.

Sole Parties for Groups up to 6

Lynn is a facilitator for Sole Parties for 6-8 people for your retreat, women’s group, or special occasion parties. In a relaxed atmosphere, Lynn guides the group to get more in touch with their inner selves, and then has individual Sole Readings either privately or within the group. Participants are encouraged to take notes for each other and support each other in achieving their goals. Each participant chooses two Young Living essential oils, and Lynn interprets the spiritual/emotional meaning and uses the oils on the feet to release trauma in the affected organs.

Sole Readings Over the Phone

Through the use of a pendulum and a short assessment, Lynn looks for the underlying emotional issue that may be causing pain either physically or mentally. Lynn looks at ways to resolve the issue through yes or no questions, providing guidance for the use of Young Living Essential Oils.

Contact Lynn to schedule your Sole Reading experience today.